My Loyalty

Im loyal to myself
to the kindness my heart instructed me
to the good feeling cause by love
by encounter with someone

Im loyal to myself
I will praise and honour anyone who bring me joy
I wll be loyal to that person who loyal to me

My loyalty is simple
Love, Kindness drew me inside out
Towards people towards nature

My loyalty is not infinity
For Iam only human
My loyalty has measure, can stop
Where my heart and mind
can endure
If loyalty colaps with pain
I will choose happiness
leaving the pain
Embrace my loyalty to me
To always adoring kindness act
of loving of human

share with one another


Maybe You Are

Maybe you are only new color in my life/ A two month white to have a spot for your color a rainbow/A rainbow after soft rain like my tears of waiting for you/ of longing//

How Im crying in silent as the only  sign for me to change/ To be stronger, more patience more of me//

I only knew when I avoid someone it was rejection/ Avoiding, unresponsive silence and numb are signed of close door to stop knocking and go away//

I never know, I’d be disappoint like today or like any other special day/ Agterall you are new person ever acquainted/ But what would I do to have to pleaded/ To know Im your petulant//

How sad Im today, as I wrote this/ Tears flows/Heart ache//

I wish you would be gentle to me as you did to everyone/ If  my feeling doesnt mean anything to you/ I rather be you treat me as everyone/ Among common people where your kindness is exist/ Even if that is your purpose for public image public, make me one person in a public..//

For whatever reason we have met/ or never meet again/ I wish the best life for you and your family/  and may you kind to yourself/ and little be kind to me//



If you dont want to know anything about me, and you wont let me know anything about you. That is okay.

Iam a writer. I wrote all with my heart, my fingers follow my mind. And these words are my current feeling.

Either way I wish you a happiness. And me, I wouldnt know anything but always mend a broken heart.



Dalam Tunggu






kubaluri kertas putih dengan teks mantra
kiranya hati terbuka
raga terjaga
cipta kata
aliran rasa
pada cinta bermakna
pada harapan baik
tentang pertemuan kita
yang tertunda
yang di janjikan waktu
kiranya saat itu
kau ada untukku
aku untukmu
di alam indah
bersama alunan lagu baru
tentang kasih sayang
persahabatan dan asmara
tuk melintasi samudra cita
nan bahagia
tanpa tunggu
tanpa ragu


Do you smile?

See the rainbow you smile

See the dancing dog you smile

See the flower you smile

See old friends you smile


Smile without nobody know the reason but yourself

that is love

Smile is vibration of love

Honest smile is come from the heart

Laugh is brighter than smile

All your face talk when you laugh

See this smile of hope

of everything good in the future

Lover Smiling and laughing

are the best vitamin

and mineral

for your soul

take as it present

no one will overdose with smiles





I want to love you differently

I want to love you differently
than the past love
than the feeling I had have

Beyond meeting or longing
Passionately gentle
Hot but warm inside
and sooth more than velvet
or feather

I want to love you differently
Though I’ll be same, me
my way of caring go beyond
tender kissing or carres
touch and wishper here and there

noboby knows my secret smile
but you
to bring the melody of your laugh
like songbirds near the garden
or sound of wind caressing laeves
in our campus

i want to love you
if you let me

(are you with me 716)

Perjalanan Jiwa

Setiap jiwa, suksma, akal pikir yang menjadi pada raga berjalan di dunia sebagai manusia. Padanya sifat ketuhanan menjelma, baik, sangat baik, keburukan adalah malaikat yang membangkang.

Perjalanan jiwa menemukan diri adalah yang paling menguntungkan, menarik dan penuh berkah. Dia yang menemukan dirinya akan mengerti rasa diri, kemudian rasa orang lain. Jiwa yang berjalan bertemu jiwa lain, menerima sebagai tamu dalam diri atau hanya singgah adalah keputusan keseluruhan kemanusiaan, adalah rasa dan pikir penentu.

Jiwa adalah kemenyatuan suksma dan raga, berbeda dengan nyawa. Jiwa yang berjalan dalam raga sangatlah tergantung pada Kuasa Nya. Dia berdenyut dalam jantung yang tak pernah berhenti, sekalipun tidur. KuasaNya menjadi pada orang-orang yang tidak tidur, dalam kesadaran, perbuatan baik dan tanpa kesadaran. Didalam itu semua Jiwa paling suci dan tak mati. Harapan manusia adalah sekali saja jiwa hidup didunia, sudah itu tak lagi bereinkarnasi, tinggal di Surga Khayangan, karena mereka yang tinggl di Surga Khayangan umumnya dapat pergi pulang ke dunia, terutama mereka yang terpilihNya.

Scream of Silence

Scream of my heart. Silence. Words written. Creates echos in my room wall, go beyond my window, wire to the universe.

Ah how now the poetry written without knowing to whom it was made, yet the feeling of joyful and nice, and funny merged into this.

Ah how wonderful is to know people, to scrutinize them. And love them. ALL ADORABLE Beings, create for not me but to me.

Thank You God/Goddess for giving me the gift of unraveling feeling of care, of KEPO…more than curious.

Poetry’s Day

I have not yet write you a poetry, but your face linger in my head like a lovely painting of a very beautiful landscape of a village with shady trees of green leaves and red flower of roses blossom side by side with the white jasmine.

Im grateful on how we met. It was like sitting at the bench of basketball game where you can see your favorite player up
close almost personal. and beyond that the impact broader than our space that day.

I have not yet met you to share real laughter again, but the thinking keep going as i mention your name many times a day. thinking about you.

And bless me, Ive heard your laughter much more  today, sound like dancing of prairie, and sometimes you touch me, as i only feel with my eyes wonder,  what a lovely encounter and your face inches from me.

saw you closest ever. your eyes smile. duh.

The Familiar yet Strange

the feeling unease. familiar yet strange. is the love hit me, or just curiosity. ah after the laughter to remember, the face, most mention name all day… why this late night become gloomy. hope it just a period. a month of flowery season.

love struck us as lighting and thunder, cant control cant predict, its strength far away, thousands miles. passed the dessert, fly above the mountains and flowing through wave at the southern sea, the ocean.

love struck in silvence. i never know when and why. i never know love happened after the meeting, encounter. somehow trait of lines of my thought of thinking of you..

these days are the moment of me holding anything but desire and wants.

i will cherish the memories, the encounter as the Almighty presenting through you.

im grateful



Pabrik Berita Hoax

Pabrik Berita Hoax

pabrik itu di rumah-rumah
dipelpsok desa dan kota
alatnya jemari Hp, atau laptop
dikontrol oleh
manusia yang mungkin
hatinya penuh amarah
sperti tersiram air raksa
atau alkohol yg tdk diminumnya

pabrik berita hoax
ada di dekat kita
atau jauh disebrang lautan

produknya ketakutan
produknya  kebencian

produknya dijual kepada
mereka yg buta hati nurani
tak mengerti surga nusantara

pabrik berita hoax
didirikan sebagai industri
pengejar kekuasaan
dan setan haus darah

pabrik berita hoax
pemiliknya harus dihukum berat
Fitnah Lebih Kejam dari Pembunuhan!