It Aint Love

It ain’t love, your love
But my love, love
It ain’t passion and desire
Hope raise intimacy
It ain’t tears of broken heart
Unread words, blurred circumstances
Misunderstand attention

While the world know
The best thing in life is attention
Yet it ain’t love
But still your love
Not mine
That might persist
For it ain’t personal
It love a universal and generic
Unlike my love as always particular fragarance, never common

It ain’t love
That bring me tears
But the laugh, smile and intimacy
So close it very much affection and fond

It ain’t love

@Umi . july212015 CinJuly
touch the unseen, the unreal

My Pray

If only I can trade
Years of my time, into your time
Replaced your sadness in the past
With my simplicity of being happy
I would

But I cant
Instead I might give my energy
And a bit of the laugh
To your future
In hope to prevent more sorrow

And maybe
Erased bad memories of the past


@Umi       Cinjuly

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Don’t See Blood

my friend

White tears of blood
Your blood
Your bleeding so long
All I can see is white tears

Tracing your words
Read your loneliness
Read your beautiful poems

oh my god
What did you do in past life
To deserve any these agonies
oh my Goddess
Where are you when it happened
Give your strength
Give your blessing
to let my friend happy
nothing in the world can do
but let be my friend happy
for a hero deserve to be

The Star

The Star

You are the star
I have never seen
But exist
Never dim, but hide

The star is always be high
Unreachable by common
Unseen by many
But always be there up at the sky

You are the star
I have never been notice
But have seen light shining out of you
Many have absorbed the light
And be another star

You are the star
I have a chance
To feel the light
Inside out
Reflection of the dream
Of lone lonesome warrior
Of pure forresst

And as merely onlooker
There’s nothing I can do
But celebrate every moment
Of any encounter

@Umi Cinjuly

You’ll Be Happy

Walk in virtual community
I met you
I remember your name long ago
Years and years ago
Just a name, a bit whisper

And in virtual community
we make friends
And we talked
And eventually we met

Somewhere between my sanity and hope
I asked God for blessing
Before I enter to your world
Unknown world

And its your territory Ive been invited
Your personal space
Oh my God
Oh my Goddess
Please let the ancestor stop the agony
Be a new paid
Be good and happy time now
All in all too much to survived
Yet you’re survive
So God, let you be happy
For life as good as it ought to be
For everybody, especially you

@Umi CinJuly

Have I Met You

Have I met you my dear
Probably, thousands years ago
Your name’s familiar
A name like one I have crush
Long, and still curious

Have I met you my dear
Its possible
Some years ago
When we were in crowd

Your face now everywhere
Here and there smile
A great smile
That can built giant wall of solace

Have I met you my dear
Yes now I have met you
And met your soul
An alluring soul

@Umi bless you CinJuly







Aku membacamu. Saat dengar ceritamu. Satu, dua, tujuh,sepIMG00760-20120219-1406 (2)uluh cerita tak linear. Kisah hidup masalalumu. Rasa dan impresi masa kini.

Aku baru saja tiba di depanmu. Jadi bagian sejarah dan kisahmu. Belum kutahu apa peranku.
Sang Sutradara Pemilik waktu tak beri aku prolog. Hampir selalu.
Sering tiba di depanku, belantara duka, sepi dan kemarahan terpendam seseorang.
Kali ini dia adalah kamu.

Aku tak akan berbuat apa-apa kecuali menguatkanmu. Memuliakanmu jika kau layak mulia. Memantulkan dirimu jika kau baik. Mengusir sepi dan jahat bila ada di sekitarmu.

Padaku harap, ketulusan tuk membahagiakan. Bila kau duka, lalu aku tiba, semoga kau jadi bahagia, dan aku pasti suka. Semata sedikit berbagi yang aku punya. Bukan harta bukan benda, namun rasa bahagia, ungkap syukurku, mensyukuri keberadaan duniawi. Pada pertemuan, pada perjalanan, pada sejarah dan cita-cita.

Aku terlambat membacamu. Kau tlah terluka. Teringat mata pergimu. Menghindarmu. Teringat ketidak konsistenanmu.

Tak apa. Aku membacamu bukan karena aku ingin. Kau terhampar begitu saja dimuka. Selalu semua adalah pelajaran berharga. Hidup adalah berbagi dan menerima.

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Story of Fireworks

This is fireworks story
Sprakling fast bright and faded
This story of beautiful firework
Hand me to hear
Its story of the making
How it become crystal of binding nitrate of black powder
That long to be burn
And make flame,beautiful sparksPhoto1093

This is the story of a person
Enter the world
Transfered and retransfered
Settled and unsettled
Grow and mature
Happy and sorrow
Hurt and belittled
Inside, high, tall & strong outside

Raise again and fly, by
Bring light and surround a while
Just to be hurt more and more

Im just onlooker
Bedazzled by the light
Cannot stop it fade

When it fade
It will faded
I wish everyone remember the light
That shined
Long ago and at present moment
Left the traced that can free you
From the shell of yourself
All remaining will be the spirit
For you to fly away, by
Get the sky of happiness, embrace
And lands in the sphere of joyful laugh
Of new you
The undie fireworks
@stranger in June 2015

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stranger in June


Ears, Eyes and Heart

What can I say. My ears are like time tunnell. Attract friends to come and enter. Their stories transfered. Past, present, future fantasy. Iam like a voyager, a small vessell of humanity. Bring people to where they should, ought to be. In guided by God or Goddess.
This stranger came out of blue. Enter my territory of heart and mind with stories of experiences, impressions and perception about themselves. I couldnt help to notice unbalance, inconsistance, and unaware when stories been told and repeated. Uneasy feels and impression of selflessness and selfpity, disregard…

The meeting of minds and hearts all of sudden inflicted me. It bring me to place where field of inspiration as seeds of words..flocking anywhere everywhere to be written as menhir…horizonal vertical stones filled with words of stories of the life, the guilt, the hopes…

@stranger in june 2015

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